Despite 'Bridgegate,' Christie's Approval in New Jersey Still 59%

88% (including 75% of Democrats) say knowing what they know now they would still vote for Chris Christie as their governor.

Despite the 24/7 coverage of "Bridgegate" by much of the mainstream media, and the endless speculation about other potential Christie scandals, the New Jersey Governor still has 59% approval among adults in his state, according to a Monmouth University Poll:

Gov. Christie’s job rating currently stands at 59% approve to 32% disapprove among New Jersey residents and 58% to 35% among registered voters. His job approval stood at 65% approve just one month ago. This is the first time since Superstorm Sandy struck the state over 14 months ago that the governor’s approval rating has dipped below 60%. Christie’s current job rating is still higher than any poll ratings he had in his term prior to Sandy.

Republicans are sticking by Christie, giving him an 89% approval rating which is in line with the 85% GOP support he received last month. Approval has dropped among independents from 73% in December to 62% now and among Democrats from 47% in December to 38% now. 

Interestingly, the poll reports that New Jersey residents believe Christie when he says he wasn’t involved, but 52% think he knew about the traffic e-mails before the scandal broke. 88% (including 75% of Democrats) say that knowing what they know now, they would still vote for Chris Christie as their governor.