Desperate? Hillary Camp Gives Out Handwritten Signs at Rally as if Attendees Brought Them

We knew enthusiasm for Hillary was low, but this takes the cake.

We knew Hillary Clinton was having trouble generating enthusiasm among voters. We knew she's been having trouble packing a stadium, and it's been rumored that some of her campaign events have even been downsized to smaller venues in order to make it seem like she's filling the seats to full capacity. We know that sales for Hillary campaign merchandise -- like lawn signs and bumper stickers -- are abysmally low, as are online searches for her campaign slogans and platforms. In fact, I can count on one hand how many "Hillary for President" signs I've seen on people's lawns or on cars in the very Blue City in which I live. 

We get it. We know Democrats are not excited by their candidate this year -- but what you're about to see illustrates just how grim it's really gotten for camp Hillary.

The footage featured below was taken at a recent Hillary campaign rally. What's remarkable is that a group of young men and one woman (they appear to be campaign volunteers) are handing out handwritten, rather than official, campaign signs to audience members.

The homemade signs are likely meant to make it seem as though those in attendance actually made and brought them to the rally themselves. The content of the signs is fairly typical, except for one that oddly (and, sadly) reads: "I believe that she will win." 

Hat-tip to the blog WeaselZippers for finding this priceless gem and circulating it widely on the Internet. We wonder if it's an omen of what's to come on Election Day.