Despair: Poverty and Crime Skyrocket Among African-Americans in Democrat-Controlled Chicago'

This is what 85 years of Democrat control will do.

Here's an inconvenient truth the Left doesn't like to admit: blue states and blue cities fair worse on almost every level -- social, economic, in terms violent crime and education, the list goes on. Often, African-American communities are the ones that suffer greatest. 

Cities like Chicago and Detroit are two prime examples that signal something is deeply defective -- corrupt, in fact -- with their respective local governments. The degree of ineptitude in Democrats' ability to elevate the very people they claim to champion is nothing short of criminal. 

Now, a new report published by Reuters confirms this sobering reality. African-American communities across Chicago are not only experiencing record levels of violent crime, but are also seeing a stark increase in poverty and decrease in public services. African-Americans in the city are also in the throes of devalued homes, unaffordable housing and joblessness.

Mind you, this is happening in the president's adopted home town, run by his former chief of staff, in an America supposedly color-blind after his election. This is happening in a city that has been controlled by Democrats for nearly 85 years. Yes. 85 years: 

While Chicago has become more racially balanced over the decades with more neighborhoods showing no majority populations, black areas are seeing economic stagnation or decline, according to the study by the Chicago Urban League, which promotes progress for blacks.

"This is not a situation that's getting better. This is a situation that's getting worse," said Stephanie Bechteler, director of research and evaluation for the Chicago Urban League. "We must put forth time and effort to make a change."

Despite the progress on racial integration, Bechteler said the city has a long way to go. She noted that the Brookings Institution late last year found that Chicago remained the third most segregated city in the United States behind Milwaukee and New York City. [...]

In the first two months of 2016, Chicago has had 95 murders, mostly in black neighborhoods, Chicago Police said. That is the highest rate since 1997, the Chicago Tribune found.

The Chicago Urban League found that mostly black areas have lost health clinics, social service agencies and other areas of support in recent years.

The report goes on to state African-American homeowners in Chicago have also been hit particularly hard, losing as much as 71 percent of their home values in the last three to four years. Affordable housing is also reported to be an issue -- though I believe this is an increasing problem across the nation in many different neighborhoods, not just African-American ones. 

If Democrat ineptitude and corruption in helping its most besieged communities don't constitute a crime against humanity, we're not quite sure what does.