Dems Will Introduce Legislation to Cripple Religious Freedom Protections

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) along with other Senate Democrats are planning to introduce a bill that prevents using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to avoid complying with the Obamacare contraception mandate. In 1993, the RFRA passed unanimously in the House and 97-3 in the Senate.  

Senate Majority Leader Reid has already expressed his interest in bringing such a bill to the Senate. Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) is expected to introduce a version of this bill in the House. 

“The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determine by virtue of five white men,” Reid told reporters. “This Hobby Lobby decision is outrageous and we are going to do something about it. People are going to have to walk down here and vote. And if they vote with the five men on the Supreme Court I think they are going to be treated unfavorably come November.”

Roll Call reports:

The legislation would maintain far more narrow religious exemptions for churches and not-for-profit faith-based groups than the one determined to exist by the Supreme Court in the 5-4 decision on June 30 that applied the religious freedom law to closely held corporations.

EMILY'S List Spokesman Marcy Stetch said in a statement:

Senator Murray and all of the EMILY’s List Democratic women are showing exactly why we need more women’s voices at the table. From pushing to end the gender pay gap to protecting women’s access to health care, Democratic women are leading the way for women and families today and every day,”