Democrats Bring Back Segregation Signage: ‘Hate has No Business Here’

“All are welcome?” Hardly.

Segregation is back in vogue among Democrats. Harkening back to the party’s segregationist roots telling blacks where they could drink water or sit at a counter, the new signage is the same as the old identity politics.

Here’s a picture from PJ Media of a sign found at a local coffee shop (not Starbucks) which tells anyone with politics anywhere toward the Right to stay far, far away:

Don’t let the “all are welcome here” fool you. They don’t mean conservatives. But what’s really telling is how the sign is phrased, as if Republicans don’t value women, or the lives of minorities, etc. The implication, here, is that if you don’t think like leftists, you must hate everyone. And before you’ve even walked into the place for an overpriced coffee, you have been judged not by the content of your character, but by a figment of their imagination. And that goes against everything the civil rights movement taught us.

For Democrats, progressive apparently means moving backward.