Democratic Super-Pac Uses Old Info to Create Bogus Ad

Sometimes the truth is a lie.

A new TV ad created by the liberal House Majority Pac is a great example of how political advertising can lie even when it appears it is giving truthful, sourced information to the voters.  

The ad appearing on West Virginia TV this week is in support Rep. Nick Rahall, the Democratic Party Congressman in the third congressional district.  

The commercial begins by saying: 

Washington special interests want you to believe Nick Rahall is against coal. It’s not true. The Bluefield Daily Telegraph said Nick Rahall is a long-time supporter of coal and the regions coal miners and their families. 

Technically this is a true statement in 2010 The Bluefield Daily Telegraph did complement Rep. Rahall for his support of the coal industry. However two years later, when he was running for reelection, the newspaper endorsed his opponent, saying in part:

Also troubling is Rahall’s continued and stubborn support for President Barack Obama — despite the administration’s deplorable war on coal. During the editorial board meeting, Rahall said he would support Obama when the president makes decisions that are right for southern West Virginia. However, we can’t think of too many positive things Obama has done for the coalfields of southern West Virginia during his first four years in office.

The ad goes on to say:

Rahall was endorsed by our local chamber of commerce as a pro-jobs candidate. 

That claim was 100% true in 2012, this ad, however, is about the 2014 election. According to the Register-Herald, a local newspaper, the local chamber of commerce endorsed Rahill's opponent, State Senator Evan Jenkins the same day he announced his candidacy for Congress in the 2014 mid terms:

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts likewise endorsed Jenkins, calling him “one of the leading lights in West Virginia. He is a person of the highest integrity,” Roberts said.

Sometimes the truth can be a lie.