Democrat Newspaper Publisher Apologizes for Calling Asians 'Dinky Doo' And 'Chinky Winky'

Harry Reid could not be reached for more "jokes".

The Pennsylvania newspaper Philadelphia Public Record apologized today for a photo caption run in the paper on August 21 which used racially offensive names for a group of people who were with City Councilman Mark Squilla in Chinatown. Philadelphia Magazine first highlighted the story last week, contacting the publisher of the paper, who initially seemed unapologetic. Today, a full apology is on the Public Record's website, and an editor has been fired.

Here is the full apology:

In our Aug. 21, 2014 issue an offensive slur was accidentally published in the Philadelphia Public Record. This shocking lapse of professional conduct occurred contrary to our editorial directives and in no way reflects the views of our staff or our organization.

An internal investigation is underway to uncover the source of this intolerable abuse and to prevent it from ever happening again. We apologize whole-heartedly to the Asian American community and to all Philadelphians of this vibrant, diverse city who work together to make it the best place in America to live and to grow.

Prior to the apology, the publisher said that is was a "proofreading error" and told Philadelphia Magazine, "don't make something out of nothing. Nobody is offended, so stop trying to start trouble."

This comes just a few days after Harry Reid was forced to apologize for his comments about Asians, which included making a joke of the last name Wong. The Public Record's publisher, Jimmy Tayoun, is a former Democrat member of the Philadelphia City Council an the Pennsylvania State Senate. He left office after being convicted of fraud an tax evasion.