Dem Rep On IRS Scandal: 'There's Very Little There'

'We feel like this is more politically driven than it is by policy'

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) says there's really not much to the IRS scandal and Republican's interest in investigating the events surrounding the missing emails, destroyed hard drives and bullying tactics against conservative groups is really just political. 

"We feel like this is more politically driven than it is by policy," Moran told Brian Wilson and guest co-host Crystal Wright on WMAL radio in Washington Tuesday morning. 

When Wilson responded with incredulity and asked, "You really think there' no there there?" Moran responded, "Well, I think there's very little there."  

He went on to claim that the way to fix any problem that may exist at the IRS with regard to using the powerful bureaucracy as a political weapon against organizations deemed to be enemies of the president was to implement a “simpler, clearer tax code.”

When Wright challenged the assertion and asked why Lois Lerner took the fifth amendment rather than testify to all she knew in front of Congress, Moran incredibly said, “Every lawyer tells every witness to plead the fifth and not say anything that could hurt you."