Dem Congresswoman: Reason for Jihad is Muslims Feel ‘Isolated’ Around the World

It won’t surprise you she’s from California.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) offered one of the most ridiculous reasons for Islamic terror attacks that has ever been uttered. When she appeared on MSNBC shortly after the breaking news of the Manchester, England bombing, Speier seemed mostly compassionate about the “lone wolves” who often carry out such attacks.

As this was not long after the bombing, British authorities hadn’t confirmed the blast’s connection to ISIS, so Speier was riffing off the cuff.

“Most of the time these are lone-wolf operations ISIS likes to take credit for,” she posited. But there’s a deeper issue at play, according to the congresswoman — the marginalization of Muslim youth:

“The real issue is whether or not Muslim youth around the United States and around the world, feel there’s a pathway forward for them. Or do they become so isolated that this is their only avenue of making a statement about their religion?”

There’s no words to describe the idiocy of that line of thinking. The inability of so many in Washington to identify our enemy is breathtaking. It’s attitudes like these that have led us straight into the den of our adversary and they continue picking us off, one by one.

Add Speier to the list of the other ladies in California, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, who have just completely lost their marbles.