Defiant Illegal Aliens Shielded from Deportation by Lawyers, Judges

“We are here to stay.”

According to The Washington Times, illegal aliens are receiving help from lawyers, judges, and advocacy groups who are teaching them how to avoid being deported. The Times calls it “a massive anti-deportation infrastructure:”

A massive anti-deportation infrastructure has emerged to try to protect illegal immigrants from President Trump’s crackdown, with advocacy groups coaching potential deportees on how to massage encounters with police, and lawyers and judges working to shield them from charges that would make them priorities for deportation.

A circulating video teaches aliens not to open the doors for federal agents, and how to evade them if they do encounter them. At the same time, lawyers are working feverishly to try and hide the criminal backgrounds of some aliens so they aren’t moved up the list. The Times gives an example:

The latest instance was in California, where an immigrant from India was accused of abusing his wife. The Santa Clara prosecutor told The Daily Beast that he reduced a felony assault charge to a felony accessory after the fact charge in order to spare the man a sentence that would have made him a deportation risk.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rebuked this action, saying, “Think about the message that sends: If you are an alien and you commit domestic violence, prosecutors will charge you with a lesser crime so you can stay in the country. Enough is enough.”

Thought the report notes how things have ramped up since Trump’s elections, these rogue agents were at work under President Obama’s lenient White House:

One tactic universities used was to schedule overseas trips for illegal immigrant students who had been approved under Mr. Obama’s 2012 deportation amnesty, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. Under a provision of immigration law, permission to travel outside the U.S. for approved reasons can earn students advance parole, meaning that immigrants could get a shortcut to a path to citizenship upon their return.

However, the policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies Jessica Vaughan says the problem is getting worse by the second.

“They just don’t believe that immigration enforcement is legitimate or a worthy goal,” Vaughan said. “They’ve romanticized illegal immigration and have come to believe that illegal immigrants need to be protected from our laws. They’ve lost sight of the fact that immigration laws protect Americans.”

This news comes at a time when illegal border crossings are at a 17-year low. But it appears that too many Americans who are a part of the Trump resistance are helping the ones who are already here break the law. It's all there in the signs immigration activists carry: “We are here to stay.”


Photo credit: Joe in DC via / CC BY-NC-ND