Death Panels: Sarah Palin was Right, Again

"Watch for this gradual, but driving, descent into statism."

It looks like Sarah Palin was right again and this time it is with her prediction of death panels inside Obamacare.

Palin haters have long ridiculed her for suggesting such an evil practice, especially through legislation written by Democrats who have America's best interests at heart. Now, those haters are faced with the recent revelations that 40 U.S. veterans were allowed to die after being placed on secret waiting lists to receive treatment in a VA hospital in Arizona, while hospital officials hid the evidence. In a Facebook post Friday, Palin suggested that this is a prime example of her predictions under Obamacare.

In the post, Palin takes a "stroll down 'death panel' memory lane." She reminds that on Facebook in 2009, she warned of "Obama's 'death panel'" which would decide if the sick, elderly or the disabled would be considered "worthy of health care" -- a system, she says, that would be "downright evil." As Palin points out, Politifact labeled her statement 2009's "Lie of the Year." And though they agreed with her in regards to a pick-and-choose health care system would be evil, Politifact said, "It's definitely not what President Barack Obama or any other Democrat has proposed."

But Palin warns that this exactly where it is all heading and it will happen through a single-payer system:

What happens next is the Left will subtly suggest moving America toward a single-payer system, which was their intention all along. Watch for this gradual, but driving, descent into statism.

Using President Obama and Senator Harry Reid as examples, Palin uses their own words to show this was their intention all along. In a video link, Obama is shown multiple times while as a senator, a candidate, and president touting a single-payer system. In one instance he outright says, "I am a proponent of a single-payer health care plan."

Senator Reid told the Las Vegas Sun in 2013 that he wants the country to "work [its] way past" insurance-based health care and have a system apart from private insurance.

Palin's "Lie of the Year" does not seem anywhere close to a lie now. With the breaking news of the deaths of these veterans inside a VA hospital, Palin is finally seeing America "awakening" to the reality of what big government is up to:

I love this American Awakening when finally more voters can’t say they weren’t warned. Stamped with the media’s 'Lie of the Year', I had the sticky label on my back for years used as convenient 'proof' that commonsense conservatives just don’t know what we’re talking about. Denouncing from the Orwellian Left and a squishy Right ensued. But the truth stares us in the face and pocketbook, especially as we see the unworkable Obamacare.

She concludes:

And speaking of the VA scandal, we’ve seen how Obama merely gives lip service to his bureaucrats 'investigating' his bureaucracy, so don’t be surprised if he finds nothing wrong in the government’s VA health system – 'NOT EVEN A SMIDGEN'!