De Blasio Urges Anti-Trump Factions to Keep Rioting - I Mean Protesting

Says the man who painted a target on the NYPD's back.

As if we needed proof official Democrats support the anti-Trump riots sweeping the nation...

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urged dissenters to continue their "protests" Monday, thus ensuring that the lives of American citizens' and police officers will continue to be endangered. This does not surprise us, however, from the mayor who has purposely and repeatedly painted a target on NYPD officers' backs. 

"We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully ... the more it will change the trajectory of things," de Blasio told Hot 97 radio.

Though we know full well that the disruption is far from "peaceful." 

De Blasio has vowed to protest federal government plans to deport illegal aliens residing in New York and encouraged protesters to continue their fight. From the Daily News

Pointing to Donald Trump’s recent comments on abortion and controversial appointment of an extremist right favorite to the White House, Mayor de Blasio on Monday urged all Americans to continue protesting the President-elect.

De Blasio, speaking after days of roiling protests against the country’s yet-to-be-sworn-in 45th president have sprung up in New York and other cities, said resistance is necessary, especially since Trump is likely to lose the popular vote — and therefore doesn’t have a mandate to rule. 

Referencing Steve Bannon, Trump's newly-appointed chief strategist, the New York mayor regurgitated unsubstantiated left-wing talking points about how "white supremacists" will now hold sway in the White House. 

"We need to hold Trump accountable for anything he does that encourages hate and division," said the hypocritical de Blasio. 

"The more extreme he is, the more people fight back, the more it takes away his power." De Blasio also vowed that while mayor he will refuse any attempts to reinitiate his city's highly successful stop and frisk policies. 

"That’s not going to happen on my watch,” the mayor said