Damning Report: Illegals to Border Agents: 'Obama Said it Was Okay to Come'

9 out of 10 illegal immigrants released back on the streets in San Diego

A damning new report out of San Diego reveals that 90% of illegal aliens caught along the southern border are subsequently released back on the streets. In fact, they are dropped off at a local bus stop to freely roam about. The most common reason given as to why they are crossing is: "Obama said it's okay to come."

KUSI 9 News's Dan Plante recently spent the day at the border and learned that nine out of ten illegals are released back on the streets of San Diego and are more often than not provided with extra amenities. He spoke with the National Border Patrol Council's Chris Harris, who painted the bleak picture:

"They actually say, 'Obama said it was OK to come.' So, there’s a belief that they will remain. And the belief is true.”

Harris said all they have to do is say the magic words, "political asylum," and they will be released, no questions asked.

"We are a Walmart welcoming crew," Harris added. According to his tallies, illegals are coming by the hundreds, "almost 1,000," he said, and no one knows exactly who it is that's entering. But some are criminals and others terrorists, he warned.

Border Patrol agents used to be feared, Harris said. But now, they are providers of the supplies needed to continue crossing. Now, the illegals know they're rewarded for breaking the law, as the report states. The few that are sent back to Mexico are sent with supplies (blankets, food, etc.).

Harris said these orders are coming straight from the top. He added that Congress approved a budget that would place more agents at the border, yet we are currently 2,000 short.

"One of the things we absolutely have to have is a president of the United States and a secretary of Homeland Security to come out and say, look, this is a treasured system; it's being abused, it's going to stop today."

Watch the full report below:

H/T Gateway Pundit