Dallas Weekly Wins Most Poorly Timed Cover Of Year


The magazine Dallas Weekly had a real gaffe last week with one of the most poorly timed covers in memory. Just as the city is cleaning up and sterilizing the places where Ebola victim Thomas Duncan visited after returning from Liberia, the magazine published online their latest issue, featuring the sure to be infamous cover and headline " 'Taste of Africa' Comes To Dallas."

The issue was not only published online, but an email blast was sent out announcing it. That email went out on September 25, and was also tweeted from the Magazine's account.

Obviously the issue was designed and scheduled before news broke of the Dallas Ebola victim. Duncan arrived in Dallas on the Sept. 20 and went to the hospital on the same day the issue went out. He was not diagnosed until five days later. Even so, the timing is amazingly unfortunate and darkly hilarious.