Daily Kos: Nugent is part Confederate, KKK, and Nazi

A writer for the Daily Kos who goes by the name Meteor Blades wrote an article going after Ted Nugent, not only for his remarks he made about President Obama, but for his apology.

The writer, who’s real name is Timothy Lange, begins his article calling Nugent a:

"Neo-Confederate Moron" and then compares Nugent’s “nopology” as he calls it, to a “term sounding like a combination of a chant at a Ku Klux Klan rally and a Nazi theory-of-race document.”

Nugent’s apology came in an interview he did with conservative radio host, Ben Ferguson, when he said,

"I do apologize—not necessarily to the President—but on behalf of much better men than myself.  I apologize for using the term.  I will try to elevate my vernacular to the level of those great men that I'm learning from in the world of politics."

Mr. Blades writes “breaking news for you, Ted: “much better men than myself” describes about 99 percent of the males on the planet.” 

He then goes after the politicians supporting Nugent, mainly Greg Abbott, when he says:

“while many people who engage in repeated violent hate-speech don't have the guts to turn their words into actions, they can influence others who cross over that line. Political candidates who don't unequivocally separate themselves from characters of his ilk can't plausibly argue that they don't condone their filthy spew and whatever it engenders.”

While Ted Nugent has come out with an apology for his “hate speech,” there are no doubts that Mr. Blades will surely not come out and apologize for his hate filled comments made to Mr. Nugent. 

Read the hate filled hit piece here.