Cruz Tackles Code Pink

Debates "peace" group on Iran deal at White House gates

As Ted Cruz stepped towards a pack of microphones to denounce the recently reached nuclear deal with Iran as "catastrophic" and warned against allowing it to stand, the Texas senator and GOP presidential hopeful was shouted down by protesters from the left wing activist group Code Pink. Unlike most though, Cruz fought back, asking members of the group that were heckling him to come forward and actually debate.

"It is very interesting to see those who profess to believe in free speech be afraid of speech," Cruz said as the first interruption stopped his opening comments.

As the interruptions continued, Cruz turned to the loudest heckler to invite him up. "Hold on a second -- sir, come forward. You want to be a part of the discussion?"

When that heckler backed down, Code Pink organizer Medea Benjamin stepped forward to tussle with Cruz in a debate that would last more than 20 minutes.

As Code Pink protesters held up signs calling for peace with Iran, Cruz pointed out that their push for peace was really a one-way street.

"One entity with whom there is no ambiguity, in terms of whether Iran wants nuclear weapons, is Ayatollah Khameini... I recognize that the Code Pink folks like to hold up signs saying, 'Peace with Iran.' Do you know who doesn't reciprocate those views? Iran," Cruz said.

Khameini is just one Iranian leader that was recorded leading chants of "death to America" in the middle of the negotiations.

When Cruz pointed out that the deal will see $100 billion worth of frozen assets released to Iran, money he said would be used to further fund terrorism, Benjamin responded by saying negotiation was key.

"The only way that we are going to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, if you believe they are trying to get one, is to have this deal," Benjamin said.