Cruz: Immigration Crisis 'Direct Consequence of Obama’s Lawlessness'

"On issue after issue the Obama Administration has openly ignored, defied, and unilaterally tried to change the law."

Recent reports have exposed the reality of the border the Obama administration has been attempting to portray as secure: it’s a "humanitarian crisis." In an interview with Breitbart Texas, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) placed the blame squarely on the president's policies and rhetoric, calling the crisis on the border “a direct consequence of Obama’s lawlessness.”

A dramatic uptick in illegal immigration—including an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 minors in 2014—has overwhelmed the U.S. Border Patrol and maxed out immigration detention facilities. Critics of the administration point to Obama’s unilateral delay of deportation for immigrants who crossed as children (the DACA) and reports of ICE releasing tens of thousands of “convicted criminal aliens” in 2013 (some estimates as high as 68,000) as conveying a dangerous message to Central and South America. Recent reports even include border “coyotes” (those paid to traffic illegal immigrants) pushing the narrative that the Obama administration will not deport children. The result: a flood of illegal immigrants into our border states, particularly Texas.

Speaking to Breitbart Texas, Sen. Cruz didn’t pull any punches, pointing to the president’s policies and attitudes as the major culprit in the current crisis on the border:  

We need a president who is willing to uphold the law. On issue after issue the Obama Administration has openly ignored, defied, and unilaterally tried to change the law. With respect to securing the border, the Obama Administration has handcuffed the courageous men and women who serve in Border Patrol. Morale in ICE is at an all-time low because the political operatives leading this Administration are preventing them from doing their job and upholding the law.

Just a few months before the last election the president illegally and unconstitutionally granted amnesty to some 800,000 people illegally. If the president wants to change federal immigration laws, the Constitution lays out a way to do so--you go and make your case to Congress and you convince Congress to change the laws...unfortunately for President Obama, following the Constitutional structure is apparently too cumbersome. One of the consequences we’re seeing on the border is a humanitarian crisis that is a direct consequence of Obama's lawlessness.

Cruz also addressed the recent flood of immigrant minors, arguing that Obama’s policies have resulted in “the exact opposite of a humane approach to immigration”:

When I was down at the border, Border Patrol agents were telling me with horror that roughly 10 percent of apprehended people were unaccompanied minors.

The people who are bringing men, women, and children in illegally are not pleasant, happy, placid coyotes.  These are criminal cartels. These are ruthless, brutal, nasty criminals. The idea that you have parents handing their teenage daughter or son over to a global criminal cartel is a humanitarian crisis. Untold numbers of these teens are facing assault, are facing a life of hell being turned over to drug kingpins.

It is a direct consequence of the president's illegal actions. The parents think, 'If I send my child [to the U.S.], my child will have amnesty.' That's what the president of the U.S. has said. It is the exact opposite of a humane approach to immigration or to securing our borders.

Cruz argued that in the end there was “overwhelming bipartisan support” across the nation for a secured borders and the proper enforcement of our already existing laws, adding “But that's not going to happen as long as the president is ordering Border Patrol officers not to enforce the law."

Last Monday, the Obama administration admitted that the flood of children was a "humanitarian crisis," but blamed poverty and violence in Central America for the unprecedented influx of immigrants. The Christian Science Monitor reports that in the decade leading up to 2012, 7,000 to 8,000 children crossed the border illegally each year. Immigration officials expect as many as 80,000 in 2014.