CoverGirl's First Male Ambassador Embarrasses Company with Ignorant Africa Tweet

Turns out their "CoverGirl" was actually a just a boy with really bad manners.

Well, this is rich.

In October, CoverGirl announced that it was choosing a male to be its brand ambassador for its coveted cover. The historical "honor" was given to makeup artist and Instagram-famous seventeen-year-old James Charles, who was promptly fawned over by a media eager to stick it to traditional gender roles.

Now, the kid celebrated for paving the way for tolerance and acceptance has either shown his true colors or made a terrible mistake, depending on your viewpoint. On a recent school trip to Africa, he managed to reduce an entire continent down to one, deadly disease:

Wisely, he deleted the tweet before taking off on his long journey.  When he arrived in Africa, however, he realized his tweet did not die as he'd hoped. As soon as he was in the air, the screenshotted Tweet had taken on a life of its own; people expressed disgust at his inaccurate and fear-inducing message.  (By the way, James, the World Health Organization declared Africa clear from the virus as of 2016, so breathe easy.)  People said he should be removed as spokesperson, others said he was a racist who didn't recognize his privilege. Most agreed his reduction of an entire continent to the Ebola virus was probably not the right thing to do. 

Pop some popcorn, because nothing is more entertaining than watching liberals shame each other for not being sensitive enough.

First, James tweeted an apology:

People weren't feeling that, so then he tweeted a slightly angrier response:

Closer, but then he decided to really let out his remorse:

Yes, he quickly was told that Africa is not a "country," and apologized for that as well.

Gosh, it must be hard to be an acceptance, tolerance, and diversity ambassador when really you're just a kid capable of the same kind of mistakes everyone else makes. Maybe it's time to put down the makeup brushes and step away from Instagram, James. You've still got another year of childhood. Or, if you're a liberal, another decade.