The Counsel Hillary Keeps: Son of Advisor Sidney Blumenthal Defames Elie Wiesel

He is pure hate.

While the Hillary Clinton camp routinely brands Donald Trump and his supporters anti-Semites, we think it worthwhile to continue exposing Clinton's own virulently anti-Semitic connections -- namely Max Blumenthal, son of longtime Clinton acolyte Sydney Blumenthal. 

During the Holocaust, there was a small, but powerful contingent of Jewish people who turned on their lonsmen, betraying them to the Nazis. They sold out their Jewish brethren to butchers for what they believed would be great reward. 

Sadly, such turncoats still exist and a prime example is Max Blumenthal.

While Jewish by birth, Blumenthal is an anti-Semite of the highest order, well-known for his rabid anti-Israel views and praise for Hamas murderers. Even the liberal-leaning Telegraph recently published excerpts derived from an undercover recording in which the younger Blumenthal incites hatred against the Jewish people and promotes a Hamas-led genocide against the Jewish State.

The Telegraph's article focused on how the British government ceased funding a so-called "charity" -- dubbed the "War on Want" -- which turned out to be purely anti-Semitic (bold emphasis added): 

The Department for International Development (Dfid) said that it no longer supported War on Want, which helped pay for “Israeli Apartheid Week” in February this year. 

The statement comes as the Telegraph obtained undercover recordings of events where anti-Semitism, demands for the destruction of Israel or naked support for terror were expressed by academics and others at meetings in some of Britain’s most prestigious universities.

One speaker, Max Blumenthal, the son of a close adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, praised a massacre by Hamas as sending an “incredible message” and said that taking up arms should be “normal” for Palestinians. He compared Israel to the terrorist group Isil, describing it as “the Jewish State of Israel and the Levant, Jsil”.

During that event, Blumenthal was featured alongside another speaker who promoted the blood libel that Israelis harvest Palestinians’ organs.

Unfortunately, this self-loathing subversive is back in the public eye, penning scurrilous attacks -- both in op-ed form and via social media -- about recently deceased Holocaust-survivor and Nobel laureate, Elie Wiesel. 

Yes, there are no depths too low for Israel-haters, and this one in particular.  

In a July 6 op-ed for Salon -- an outlet that gives credibility to those who murder 13-year-old girls in their beds -- Blumenthal disparages Wiesel as a manufactured "brand" and even dismisses the Holocaust in a manner we'd expect from the Ayatollah Kahmenei (emphasis added): 

Through Oprah, Wiesel secured his brand as the high priest of Holocaust theology, the quasi-religion he introduced some 30 years earlier in a New York Times op-ed: “The Holocaust [is] the ultimate event,” he insisted, “the ultimate mystery, never to be comprehended or transmitted. Only those who were there know what it was; the others will never know.”

Reflecting on the impact of Wiesel’s work, Brooklyn College political science professor Corey Robin wrote that he had “turn[ed] the Holocaust into an industry of middlebrow morality and manipulative sentimentality” while sacralizing “the ovens [as] our burning bush.” For the masses of Jewish Americans who subscribed to Wiesel’s secular theology, he was a post-war Moses who interceded between the Western world and a catastrophe that substituted for a merciful God.

While Wiesel leveraged his literary talents to win sympathy for Jewish victims of genocide, he sought to limit the narratives of other groups subjected to industrial-level extermination. 

So according to this passage, Wiesel sought not to educate the public about one of the greatest human atrocities of our time, but was rather about manipulating to derive sympathy for a people -- the Jews -- Blumenthal and his ilk deem undeserving.   

Blumenthal's vitriol flows forth, writing that Wiesel "helped cast Jews as history’s ultimate victims" and supported the "walled-in Spartan state" that is Israel -- even "in the face of increasingly unspeakable crimes against Palestinians."

The self-loathing author also declared that Wiesel had "helped keep America’s imperial designs safely shrouded in the ghosts of Buchenwald" and mirrored the sentiments of fellow Israel-critic Adam Shatz, who stated that Wiesel served as an apologist for great "war crimes."

To quadruple-down on his defamation of the deceased Holocaust survivor, Blumenthal then couldn't help but link Wiesel to Ponzi-scheme hustler Bernie Madoff, writing that the Night author had invested with Madoff and "lost millions" as a result: 

When federal authorities busted Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme in 2008, Wiesel lost the millions he had amassed through his career as writer and lecturer on the Holocaust. To recoup his losses, he turned to the furthest shores of the American right-wing, forging mutually beneficial relationships with a coterie of pro-Israel hate preachers and hustlers.

Blumenthal's screed goes on to defend fellow Jews who questioned Israel's legitimacy, and to decry the plight of Palestinians in the "besieged" Gaza strip -- never mind the fact that Gaza has been "free" and in the Palestinians' hands since the late Israeli PM Ariel Sharon unilaterally withdrew from the region in 2005. 

In summary, Blumenthal lamented the backlash he's received for being a bold "truthteller," writing: 

On the day of Wiesel’s death, those who took a critical view of his legacy were subjected to the same wrath as the survivors who challenged the segregationist principle he represented. 

Back in February TruthRevolt circulated key excerpts from an article penned by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, which shed light on the anti-Israel bent of Hillary Clinton's top advisers, Sidney Blumenthal being one such person. 

According to Clinton-emails that had been made public, the elder Blumenthal "sent her dozens of anti-Israel articles, ideas and pieces of advice during her time as secretary of state" -- many from his son, Max. 

Boteach noted that in the entire batch of Hillary emails, "you will be hard pressed to find a single email that is sympathetic towards the Jewish state, from any of the people on whom she relied." The author then elaborated on the nature of the relationship between Sidney and Max Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton, prefacing with additional context: 

Max’s widely panned 2013 book Goliath, Life and Loathing in Greater Israel is full of anti-Israel rants, omissions and outright lies. In it, he repeatedly compares the Jewish state to Nazi Germany, and advocates that the majority of Jews currently living in Israel must be removed from the land to make way for a Palestinian state. [...]

His opinions are seen as radical leftist claptrap even by Left-leaning detractors of the Jewish state. The Nation columnist Eric Alterman – himself a critic of Israel’s presence in the West bank – described how the book “could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club.” 

What is truly concerning is that Sidney Blumenthal has not only failed to ever condemn his son’s anti-Israel writings, but has actively advocated for and defended the warped, outrageous ideas conveyed therein.

Sidney Blumenthal also began a smear campaign against Alterman. Worst of all, writes Boteach, "Hillary Clinton, the nation’s chief diplomat, valued Max Blumenthal’s disturbed anti-Israel rants so much that she forked out $120,000 a year to his dad to keep the flow of information coming":

Among the emails Sidney Blumenthal sent to Hillary is a link to a November 2010 blog post written by his son. In it, Max attempts to equate the views and policies of far Right Dutch politician Geert Wilders with those of Israel. Max goes so far as to claim that Wilders learned from, and formulated his views as a result of his living in Israel. Max writes: “Israel’s mainstream leadership echoes Wilders’ crudest talking points on a regular basis.” Max describes how “the extreme right [in Europe] is also attracted to Israel because the country represents its highest ideals. While some critics see Israel as a racist apartheid state, people like Wilders see Israel as a racist apartheid state – and they like it.”

He continues, “They richly enjoy when Israel mows down Arab Muslims by the dozens and tells the world to go to hell; they admire Israel’s settler culture.”

Hillary also entertained Max's theory that Israel supporters "yearn to live in a land like Israel that privileges its ethnic majority above all others to the point that it systematically humiliates and dispossesses the swarthy racial outclass."

One author for Tablet accurately notes that what distinguishes Blumenthal from your run-of-the-mill Israel critics "is not his political views, but the obsessive nature of his work, which seems animated not by moral passion or analysis but by hate."

"It’s no surprise that there are at least 300 citations of Blumenthal on the message board popular with anti-Semites, VNN Forum," notes the Tablet. 

One of Blumenthal's chapters is entitled: "How To Kill Goyim and Influence People." Needless to say, Blumenthal found an enthusiastic supporter in KKK disciple David Duke, but you know, Donald Trump...

The issue here is that Blumenthal's vitriolic, deceitful, revisionist worldview is being lent credence by supposedly mainstream Democratic operatives, key among them being the Party's presumptive presidential nominee.  

The mainstream media will talk all day long about the Trump campaign's retweet of a Hillary Clinton meme touting her corruption alongside an image of the Star of David -- and such a discussion is fair game -- but of course they remain silent about the virulent anti-Semitism rife within the Clinton-ranks. 

We think it fitting to close with a video from 2010, in which the late Andrew Breitbart cornered Blumenthal in a hotel lobby. As always, Breitbart laid waste to this piece of human excrement, calling Blumenthal an "ungoldly creature" and the "most despicable life form" he'd ever seen. 

We couldn't agree more. 

What is most troubling is that people like Max Blumenthal exploit their Jewish heritage to gain credence, making them far more subversive and sadly, effective, than your ordinary Israel-hater. It is people like Blumenthal who are quoted by the likes of BDS supporters, Hamas terrorists, Iranian mullahs, neo-Nazis and every other evil-doer who seeks the destruction of the Jewish people and "justification" for it.

This is the company and counsel Hillary Clinton keeps. And it should be condemned openly and often as we lead into the November election.