Cornell Students Hold 'Cry-In' Over Trump Victory

“How the f*ck is he winning? What the f*ck?”

The College Fix reports that Cornell University students hosted a “Cry In” on the quad Wednesday in the wake of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

“I’m quite terrified, honestly,” one student told The Cornell Daily Sun as she took part in the event. “It’s saying that people are really given into fear-mongering. They are willing to put people down based on their identity just so that they would feel vindicated that they would be getting rid of ‘Crooked Hillary.'”

She got that half-right. Getting rid of Crooked Hillary was certainly a significant part of Trump's victory, but it had nothing to do with putting people down based on their identity -- unless those people identified as mainstream media, cultural elites, and establishment politicians.

Another participant told the Sun many are in “shock”: “I am concerned how this is validating the behavior of a lot of people,” she said. She wasn't asked about the behavior of many hundreds of students in California, who cut class Wednesday in order to block freeways, start fires, and vandalize, all purportedly to protest Trump, who hadn't even taken office yet.

During the "Cry In" -- did it not occur to a single student that the name alone paints them as petulant children? -- the roughly 20 students wrote their reactions and emotions on poster boards with colored markers, or with chalk on the ground, because apparently college youth today express themselves like kindergartners.

Several adults, apparently professors, also hovered around the group. The College Fix reports that the event resembled a funeral wake.

“I’d say the results are heartbreaking and such a slap in the face to so many of the populations that make up America,” an older lady who appeared to be a professor told The Sun. “I think it’s also an indication that there and many many people who are suffering and feel that haven’t been heard and they believe that Trump will answer their needs.”

On election night, Cornell students reacted with shock and “horror” to the results. “How the f*ck is he winning? What the f*ck?” said one stunned student. Many students also said they felt genuine emotional distress “knowing that something like this could happen,” the Sun reports.

Check out more moroseness in the short video above, which was posted to the Cornell Sun YouTube site.