Communist Party USA: We Won’t Be Leaving The Democratic Party Anytime Soon

The Communist Party USA National Committee chairman declared last week that while American Communists long for a third party, for the foreseeable future they remain committed to working with the Democratic Party, which he explains is the “most realistic electoral vehicle” for accomplishing their political agenda.

In his manifesto published last week at the socialist website People’s World, CPUSA's John Bachtell outlined a few of reasons American Communists were frustrated with the Democrats, including its close ties with the Wall Street one-percenters. Though a third party was a long-term goal for many socialists and communists, he said, “labor and other key social forces” are "not about to leave" the Democrats "anytime soon.”

…despite growing dissatisfaction, labor and other key social forces are not about to leave the Democratic Party anytime soon. They still see Democrats as the most realistic electoral vehicle to advance their agenda, especially in the national battle against the extreme right

Pointing out that the Democratic Party is experiencing “class struggles within,” Bachtall notes that the use of its “multi-class constituency”—which includes “labor, African Americans, Latinos, other communities of color, women, most union members, young people, and a wide range of social and democratic movements”—is essential in promoting the communist agenda and defeating “the ultra-right.”

Bachtell also takes some time to lay out some of the constraints of the American political system placed on the Communist Party and it’s resultant “tactics for political independence,” including the winner takes all reality of the system, which requires candidates being backed by coalitions, which makes voting “based on purity of position" simply "not a viable tactic.”

The party's' most immediate goal, he explains, is to work with Democrats to “disintegrat[e] Republican Party support at every level” in order to finally defeat the Right:  

Our tactics also occur within the framework of our strategic policy of building a broad coalition to defeat the extreme right, which we see as the main danger to democracy and social progress, embodied within today's Republican Party.

There are voting constituencies that presently support the GOP that have to be won over. Such an approach sees the need to actively challenge right-wing and GOP ideas that influence sections of the people, especially working-class whites, for example, through hate talk radio. This includes racism and intolerance which are key issues dividing the working class.

We see this as one of the stages in the long struggle for advanced democracy and socialism. Without decisively defeating the most reactionary sections of monopoly capital, disintegrating Republican Party support at every level, it's hard to see winning more radical and advanced programs and policies and waging a fight against the monopoly class as a whole.

H/T TheDC.