Communist Leader to Bill O'Reilly: Trump is Hitler

Now where have we heard that one before?

What kind of week would it be without someone comparing President-elect Donald Trump to Hitler? 

Speaking on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox, crazed leftist professor Cornel West, who never seems to sit still for three seconds, appeared with Revolutionary Communist Party USA spokesman Carl Dix to warn of America's coming Hitler in the rise of Trump.  

When O'Reilly asked the dynamic duo why they wouldn't give Trump a chance, they dropped the Hitler bomb.  

"People gave Hitler a chance and we saw what that meant for humanity," Dix said. "With Donald Trump look at what we’re talking about."

He then went on to list various phantom calamities in the coming administration, saying words like "law and order" meant persecution of black people.

 "Muslim registry. Wall on the border with Mexico. Law and order which is code word for unleashing harsher repression against black and Latino people."

Trump has proposed no Muslim registry and made numerous proposals to blacks and Hispanics about making their lives better, which cleaning up crime in their communities will certainly do.  

"Working people are suffering. Poor people are suffering. Women are suffering. Black people are suffering," he continued. 

They most certainly are, especially after 8 years under leftists like Obama.