Comedy Central Gives Pro-Sharia Activist Platform to Mock the President

Says her “power” is what frightens Trump most.

Anti-Israel and pro-sharia Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour is making quite a career for herself. She’s the liberal media’s darling right now. When she’s not busy organizing the Women’s March on Washington or giving a speech at a college somewhere in America, she’s busy tweeting her hatred of Jews and Republicans.

That must be why Comedy Central just gave her a national platform on its The President Show on Thursday night. The show features Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik and is a free-for-all Trump bashing fest.

In her appearance, Sarsour was allowed to elaborate on all her favorite talking points on being a Muslim and a feminist at the same time and schooling “Trump” on what “intersectionality” means. In Sarsour’s mind, you can be a feminist and a Muslim at the same time, but not pro-Israel and also a feminist.

She also bragged about her activism for women and organizing the women’s march against President Trump. However, Sarsour is known for telling Ayaan Hirsi Ali that she doesn’t deserve to be a woman and wants her vagina taken away. That’s because Ali speaks out against female genital mutilation, of which she is a victim.

Sarsour was lobbed plenty of softball joke set-ups from the fake Trump, but her answers were quite telling. When he asked her about how Muslims should speak out against Islamic terror attacks, she said she doesn’t want to “condemn it as a Muslim” even though it’s “outrageous and horrible:”

“It’s not my responsibility. Those people didn’t call me up and ask me for my opinion about doing something horrific. I want to condemn it as a human being, as an American, just like everybody else."

The liberal crowd loved that one.

When she was asked what frightens Trump the most about her, she said:

“My power… that I can organize five million women all across the world to stand up to bigotry and xenophobia and sexism and misogyny. That’s what scares you. I know it does.”

Watch her segment above and get used to seeing her face.

H/T Washington Free Beacon