Comedian Defends Free Speech and Tweet About Garland Shooting

"The killing of two terrorists is a GOOD thing."

Just hours after the Islamic terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, which left the two shooters dead, conservative comedian Evan Sayet hit the target himself with this joke on Twitter:

The tweet went viral, sparking a debate on his Twitter feed. Sayet told TruthRevolt that he was "blown away by how a 140-character tweet can be so powerful."

Some found his joke insensitive, but in an interview with the Daily Caller, the Los Angeles comedian pointed to the fact that most responses from everyday Americans were favorable:

The response, in fact, has not only been overwhelming but overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of Americans — especially those outside the Leftists’ bastions of academia, journalism, entertainment and Democratic Party politics — are wholly in support of my statement whereby hundreds of innocents being saved by the killing of two terrorists is a GOOD thing.

He also spoke about the threat to free speech posed not just by violent terrorists, but by the cultural straightjacket of political correctness, which he calls "just a euphemism for the totalitarian concept of 'Newspeak' written about by Orwell in 1984":

[It] has nearly destroyed comedy in the same way that it has nearly destroyed education, journalism and the other fields where the powers-that-be are on the Left. Now, just as the "education" system is used to indoctrinate children and "journalism" is used to give credence to Leftist policies and positions, comedy (and the whole of the entertainment industry) is used to reinforce Leftist propaganda.

Sayet also expressed a regret about the tweet:

I only regret we live in a society where a joke at the expense of would-be mass murderers is something that anyone thinks I have to defend. And, again, the Leftists have accomplished their goal. Who is really irreverent here, me in a silly tweet about would-be mass murderers or those who sought to assault that which SHOULD be revered, the First Amendment right — the HUMAN right — of free speech?

The controversy comes just as Sayet is about to undertake a comedy tour across America.