Columbia University Receives Millions for ‘Climate Change Games

Awarded $5.7 million of taxpayer money to fearmonger participants

Columbia University has received $5.7 million of taxpayer dollars from the National Science Foundation in order to have “Climate Change Games.”

The grant was issued for the College’s PoLAR Climate Change Education project, which “engages adult learners and inform[s] public understanding and response[s] to climate change."

As Campus Reform reports, the taxpayer funds would be “to create games depicting horrible scenarios that could come about as a result of climate change, including a series of mock voicemails of people screaming, gasping for air and being swept away by waves.”

One “mock voicemail” (which takes place in the year 2065) has a man calling his mother and saying, “"If the tsunami doesn't get us, the heat might....  I’m just calling to say I love you and I miss you and it might be the last time you hear my voice. Bye.”

Another caller has a woman gasping for air because she is “out of C02 credits.”

When asked for a comment by Campus Reform, both the NSF and Future Coast, the company that set up the voicemails, they remained silent.