Cologne to Try ‘Respect’ Bracelets to Stave Off Muslim Sex Attacks on NYE

“Thank god! We will be saved by a wristband.”

On New Year’s Even 2015 in Cologne, Germany, over 1,000 women were sexually assaulted by Muslim “refugees,” described as North African or Arab men. The following New Year’s celebrations, more police and resources were deployed to handle the migrant mobs. This year, the mayor of Cologne is trying a new strategy: “respect” bracelets.



Sure, there will be an increased police force and private security guards stationed around the city centers, but Mayor Henriette Reker believes a small plastic wristband with make the sexual deviants think twice before assaulting and perhaps give their victims some R-E-S-P-E-C-T instead.

According to Voice of Europe, “Wristbands with the text will be distributed throughout the city to prevent new sexual assaults and rapes.”

Yeah, that oughta stop the savages.

Online mockery was swift:

“What are you doing? Is this appeasement, a gesture of submission or the self-stigmatizing of a culture that is surrendering?”

“Thank god! We will be saved by a wristband. Just hold it up in the air and the perpetrator will immediately look further. (for another victim)”

Instead of addressing the real problem, namely Prime Minister Angela Merkel allowing millions of Middle Easterners to pour into Germany uncontested, Mayor Reker is putting the fate of native Germans in a piece of government-funded plastic. Somebody get the mayor her own customized bracelet printed with “dummkopf.”