College Republican Threatened After Asking Muslim Student Association to Condemn Barcelona Terrorism

"Watch ur back every step u take. SDSU campus will be the war zone against u inhuman rats.”

The president of a student Republican club at San Diego State University (SDSU) said he received anonymous threats of violence and calls for his resignation after he penned a letter asking for the school’s Muslim association to condemn the recent terrorism in Barcelona.

Fox News reports that the Republican club's president, Brandon Jones, posted a letter to Facebook on August 17, formally requesting that the leadership of the SDSU Muslim Student Association (MSA) condemn last week’s terror attack, or resign.

Jones’ letter stated that the campus community “cannot move forward in creating an inclusive environment for all students on campus” until the MSA condemns the Barcelona attack.

“I stand by the statement we made,” Jones told Fox News. He said his letter has the support of SDSU’s College Republicans, and that “fellow college Republican organizations across the nation have come out in support.”

The MSA wrote on Facebook that it expresses its “support for victims of white supremacy, nationalism, and terrorism. Our solidarity is what makes us strong and we must continue to work together to make our college campus a safe place for all students.”

Another campus group, the Young Democratic Socialists, called Jones’ letter a “cruel and bigoted attack” and claimed that the College Republicans were “making Muslim students feel even more unsafe on their own campus” by suggesting MSA members “will be considered terrorist sympathizers unless they condemn an attack they had nothing to do with.”

Of course, every white person in America these days is considered a racist unless they post a social media statement condemning a protest by white supremacists they had nothing to do with, so it seems only fair that the MSA should have to denounce the extremists among their co-religionists for "hijacking" their peaceful religion.

The Transfronterizo Alliance Student Organization, which aims to create an “inclusive campus environment for SDSU students who live a transborder lifestyle,” whatever that is, called for “the immediate removal” of Jones as club president, claiming “he has shown an extremist nature in his leadership style.”

Jones said he has received threats of violence anonymously. One anonymous threat sent by text message stated, “I hope you rot in he’ll (sic). We’re coming for you this week ... Watch ur back every step u take. SDSU campus will be the war zone against u inhuman rats.”

“You are obviously not fit to serve for requesting any such actions from the muslim community, please resign immediately," read another threat. "You sir are a racist, so please when convenient kill yourself." Jones said he also received an anonymous phone call from somebody who vowed to protest this week for his resignation and expulsion.

In response, Jones said, “I think that again it just shows the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to vioelence (sic).”