Cokie Roberts: Hillary 'Knows Everything About Every Issue'

"Girls do homework."

The 2008 presidential election delivered a rude awakening to the Clintons when the mainstream media turned on them in favor of a then relatively unknown Barack Obama. Today, with Hillary Clinton perhaps the party’s only chance at securing the White House in 2016, the media has once again resumed its role as waterboy.

During a panel discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and even host Joe Scarborough complimented Clinton effusively, anticipating that she will prove to be “the smartest person on stage and in politics” at Tuesday night’s debate. So unimpeachable is the former Secretary of State that even “all that Benghazi stuff goes out the window.”

While that's certainly one toke over the line, no one on the panel spoke more adoringly of Hillary than veteran journalist Cokie Roberts, who said that the former First Lady is “really prepared all the time” and literally “knows everything about every issue.”


Yes, according to Roberts, anytime "you're with her [Clinton] in a setting with actual people, she wows them." We are not sure what other audience Clinton holds court with if not "actual people." What's more, "girls do homework," the long-time analyst added. 

Below is a transcript of the exchange provided by Newsbusters:

MIKE BARNICLE: I'm wondering what percentage of people who do view this debate, who come away looking at Hillary Clinton and say, wow!, there is a really thorough, prepared, knowledgeable candidate. All the Benghazi stuff goes out the window to some people who will see her for the first time as thorough, knowledgeable and quite a candidate.  

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Cokie, is this the platform where she can really--I mean, not that she needs to turn it around. She's winning in the polls. Let's not forget that.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: But there is one part, Cokie, where if you look at Donald Trump's favorables and unfavorables in the general election, they're terrible. You look at Hillary's favorables and unfavorables in the general election, they're terrible. I actually, everybody is saying this is a tough night for Hillary. I disagree. I think it's all upside for Hillary Clinton. And I think this is Hillary Clinton's chance to show independent voters she just may be the smartest person on the stage and in politics right now. 

COKIE ROBERTS: Well, any time, any time you're with her in a setting with actual people she wows them. And the truth is, you know, girls do homework. And she is, she's really prepared all the time. She knows everything about every issue.

Media bias is one thing, but considering the egregious nature of the former Sec. of State's transgressions, isn't this laying it on a bit thick?