Co-Pilot of Flight 370 Invited Teen Girls into Cabin for Entire Flight

Tuesday, Australian TV Show A Current Affair featured an interview with a young woman who claimed that one of the co-pilots of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had invited her and her teenage friend into the cockpit on a previous flight to take photos. The pilots allowed the two teens to remain there for the entirety of the international flight and attempted to coax the girls into changing their flight plans so they could take them out upon arrival.

Current Affair’s exclusive on the “astounding breaches of security” evinced in the encounter featured  one of the girl’s firsthand accounts of being invited into the cockpit by the pilots, one of which included a co-pilot of Flight 370.

Throughout the entire flight they were talking to us. They were actually smoking, which I don’t think they were allowed to be doing. And they were taking photos with us in the cockpit while we were flying. I was just completely shocked. I couldn’t believe it.

One the way back from a vacation in Thailand, the teen girls had been spotted at the boarding gate by the pilots and asked if they would like to join them in the cockpit. There the pilots smoked and took pictures with the girls. The teens remained in the cockpit for the entirety of the international flight, from take-off to landing.

The young woman described the intentions of the pilots as “possibly a little bit sleazy,” stating that they had asked the girls to change their flight plans when they arrived so the pilots could take them out.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, carrying 239 passengers, vanished from the radar early Saturday. Currently several countries are attempting to find the missing plan, the airline’s most recent searches being conducted near the Malacca Strait.

H/T Gateway Pundit.