CNN’s Stelter Blames ‘Media Illiterate’ Americans for Fake News Phenom

Wait, I thought liberals didn't believe in blaming the victims?

Sheesh.  We're supposed to take people like this seriously? CNN's Brian Stelter recently ranted about the phenomenon of "fake news" and explained to the nation exactly who's to blame for it: media-illiterate Americans:

If you didn't have the stomach to watch it, here's what he said:

The solution to poor journalism is more journalism. Some people want less of it, or none of it.  They want to stamp it out altogether.  Think I'm exaggerating?  I don't think I am.  We need to see this for what it is and describe it clearly. There’s a big difference between well meaning people who are skeptical of the press—I count myself among them—and then those people who want to tear down the press, who don’t want it to exist. Those anti-journalism voices are getting louder these days, partly because they’re being amplified by some pretty powerful politicians.

Amid so many shouts of “fake news” media companies producing real news need to speak loudly. Here’s how I see it. Skepticism is healthy. Constructive criticism makes news rooms better. This is a pro-journalism point of view. When I make a mistake or I don’t challenge a guest enough or I cut somebody off…your emails, I get’em and they help me improve. But it’s not constructive or pro-journalism to promote resentment and hatred of journalists.

But then, he went on to say,  "When politicians disparage real news as fake or when they root for the death of newspapers or when they call reporters names or when they claim we make up stories and sources, they’re not trying to improve journalism. They’re trying to get rid of it."

Really? On the digital pages of TruthRevolt, we call out fake news organizations like CNN all the time. And it's not because we want to "get rid" of journalism. Reporters who fabricate stories -- which happens on Stelter's network with great frequency -- are the ones turning their backs on journalism, not everyday Americans simply trying to make sense of the world who've grown sick of being duped by fake news.

Stelter's problem is that he can't tell the difference between the leftist propaganda versus actual truth. (I guess he can't be blamed, because where would CNN personalities see true journalism practiced?) At any rate, CNN keeps digging a hole for itself -- and ranting against Americans will definitely not win the network back any fans.

Image Credit: nrkbeta [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons