CNN's Costello: American 'Right Wing' More Dangerous Than ISIS

"ISIS isn't the only threat" says CNN, echoing administration pandering.

On CNN today, host Carol Costello was discussing the President's summit on extremism and made a startling comment. Citing a DHS report, Costello claims that authorities are concerned about "right wing citizens extremists." She goes on to add that they might be more dangerous than foreign groups.

She begins by echoing one of the Obama administration's frequent moral equivalency talking points, that terror is neither unique to Islam, nor is Islam necessarily the worst offender, and then takes off from there.

"ISIS isn't the only threat for Americans. According to an intelligence report by the Department of Homeland Security, authorities are also concerned about right wing citizens extremists right here in the United States that may be, in some cases, more dangerous than foreign Islamic terror groups." 

No examples of mass beheadings, hostage-taking, or planes being flown into buildings by right wing extremists in America were provided by the CNN anchor or the reporter she interviewed.