CNN's Cillizza Asks for Examples of 'Fake News,' Regrets It

"I think you're gonna need a bigger website."

President Donald Trump is known to drive the liberal media crazy with his tweets. This one drove CNN commentator Chris Cillizza over the edge:

Cillizza, indignant at the accusation, asked for specific examples of factual errors in the mainstream media's reporting:

With the gauntlet thrown down, Ed Driscoll over on Instapundit quipped, "I think you're gonna need a bigger website." The Daily Caller was the first to answer the call, citing five instances when CNN spread false information to an unassuming public:

False Story 1: CNN Reports Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

False Story 2: CNN Falsely Claims Sherelle Smith Was ‘Calling For Peace’

False Story 3: CNN Says It’s Illegal To Look At Wikileaks

False Story 4: CNN Says Rape Is Pre-Existing Condition Under ACHA

False Story 5: CNN Had To Correct False Comey Report

Additionally, Twitter users posted beneath Cillizza's tweet dozens and dozens of examples. Driscoll added this North Korea-glorifying piece -- and more -- to the list:
But really, the list is so long that no one blog post can really comprehensibly tackle the subject. Kudos to Cillizza for asking an honest question. Now, what is he going to do with that information?
(Read the rest over on Instapundit and read the complete five fake story descriptions over on The Daily Caller.)
Image Credit: Ann Althouse on Flickr