CNN's Beinart Worries About Trump Saying There's a 'Struggle Between West and Islam'

"It essentially makes Muslims in the West seem like enemies within."

On Monday's CNN Tonight, leftist commentator Peter Beinart expressed his unease over the fact that President-elect Donald Trump was using language that framed our conflict with Islamic terrorists as a "civilizational" war between "Islam and the West." That's exactly what it is, but that perspective is verboten among the left.

Newbusters reports that the show's host Don Lemon began the segment by quoting Trump's response to the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, in which a dozen people were killed and dozens more injured by a jihadist at the wheel of a speeding semi:

Donald Trump released a statement about the attack in Berlin saying, "ISIS and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad. These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners."

Then, in a statement about the shooting of the Russian ambassador in Turkey, he said the Russian ambassador was, quote, "assassinated by a radical Islamic terrorist."

After getting reaction from Bob Cusack of The Hill, Lemon posed this question to Beinart: "Peter, what do you think his biggest challenge ahead in dealing with these kinds of attacks will be?"

Beinart responded:

Well, I think that the statement I think he made in response to the Berlin bombing [sic] is actually quite telling if you look at it. What's fascinating is he never referred to the people who were killed as "German," only as "Christians." Actually, we don't know the religion, as far as I know, of the people who were killed in that attack in Berlin. They were at a Christmas, you know, market, but lots of people go to that.

Donald Trump's description of that attack was basically civilizational. It was basically Islam attacking Christianity, and I think this gives you an insight into what he and people like [General] Mike Flynn and [Breitbart head honcho and Trump adviser] Steve Bannon view this entire conflict is very dangerous. First of all, it essentially makes Muslims in the West seem like enemies within, and it makes it much harder to cooperate with Muslims against terrorism.

Because, you know, we're currently getting so much cooperation from the Islamic community.

Lemon asked if he thought it was "a coordinated strategy" and Beinart repeated some of the fake news recently peddled by CNN as he claimed that General Flynn had called Islam a "cancer."

Yeah, look, you go back all the way to the beginning of the campaign, you know, after the San Bernardino attacks, talking about not allowing Muslims in, saying that Muslims were cheering 9/11, the, you know, Flynn referring to Islam as a cancer. There's been this entire thrust to essentially say this is a struggle between the West and Islam, which is exactly what ISIS wants. That's the way ISIS describes it as well.

Newsflash: ISIS describes it that way because that's precisely what the struggle is. The stated goal of every Islamic fundamentalist group from the Muslim Brotherhood through ISIS is the elimination of Western civilization and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. The end goal of jihad is worldwide submission to Allah. Leftists like Beinart refuse to acknowledge this and claim that anyone who does is "playing into the hands of the jihadists."

For more background on Peter Beinart, check out his profile at the Freedom Center's Discover the Networks resource site.