CNN: Trump Harming Mental Health Calling School Shooter ’Savage Sicko’

Yes, let’s make sure this monster’s feelings aren’t hurt.

CNN is on a roll since the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting that killed 17 people, finding every avenue possible to blame the shooting on President Trump and other Second Amendment advocates. Now, the fake news network is sticking up for the shooter and chiding the president for calling him a “savage sicko.”

Make up your mind, CNN. Is this shooter a bad guy or a misunderstood mental health patient?

The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, struggled with depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism, according to a 2016 Florida Department of Children and Families report. But having a mental health diagnosis does not mean he would become violent, many experts say. And although Trump has said he wants to focus on mental health to stop school shootings, calling Cruz a "sicko" doesn't help, those experts claim.

Ron Honberg is one of those experts from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He says, “When it comes to mental health, language really matters. This is not about being politically correct. It's about wanting to do everything we can to encourage people to get health treatment that works.”

"Hearing language like this is a punch to the gut, particularly if we have a goal as a nation to increase access to mental health care," Honberg added. "This is about the worst thing you can do."

Pat Corrigan, a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, said Trump calling Cruz a “sicko” is akin to “calling a black person the N-word.” (What, no Hitler comparisons were lying around?)

"Using such language when it comes to people with mental illness is the height of disrespect and the height of ignorance, as it reduces some hugely complex person down to a diagnosis,” he added.

CNN included NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch in the report, deriding her for calling the shooter “an insane monster” during its town hall on guns. She also called Cruz “nuts” and “crazy.” Tsk, tsk.


And still another expert CNN hunted down across the pond in London, Diana Rose, said calling the gunman a “sicko” is not only “insulting,” it’s “mean-minded.”

Well, perhaps these experts would like Trump or Loesch, or the millions of others who thinks Cruz is sick/insane/nuts/crazy/monster, to write him a letter of apology for hurting his little feelings. That’s not going to happen.