CNN Panel: 'We’ve Got Much Bigger Issues to Focus on Than Kathy Griffin’

But if a conservative had done this during the Obama presidency...

On Tuesday, the never-funny comedienne Kathy Griffin posed with a bloodied mock-up head of President Trump, and thus far, the mainstream media has fallen relatively silent on condemning her. According to a CNN panel, that's because they have "much bigger issues to discuss." Issues like Trump's non-collusion with Russia. 

Speaking on Jake Tapper's The Lead, the panel consisting of The Atlantic’s Molly Ball, former White House communications director Jen Psaki, and CNN contributor David Urban all agreed Griffin's disgusting rip-off of an ISIS video has no relevance. Partial transcript below. Watch video here.

BALL: Who is saying it’s acceptable discourse?

TAPPER: Donald Trump, Jr.

BALL: Who is saying it’s even discourse? I mean have a hard time bringing myself to care about something like this. I think it just speaks to the need to see themselves as a victim that they have, that they are constantly being persecuted.

TAPPER: The Trumps you’re talking about.

BALL: The Trump people are constantly having to point to the elites who are looking down on them. Of course, comedians and celebrities say dumb stuff and do dumb stuff and violence is not appropriate, but I just don’t think that that’s the source of President Trump’s problems.

TAPPER: David?

URBAN: I think we’ve got much bigger issues to focus on than Kathy Griffin.

TAPPER: Jen, do you want to weigh in at all?

PSAKI: Agreed with David.

They would not be singing the same tune had right-wing comedians like Dennis Miller or Evan Sayet posed the same way as Griffin with an effigy of Barack Obama.