CNN Laments Deportation of Drunk Driving DREAMer

Serious issues like rape and drunk-driving matter to the Left, unless the perpetrator is an illegal immigrant. With this in mind, CNN's Polo Sandoval delivered an emotionally charged report lamenting the plight of a "DREAMer" who was deported... for drunk driving!  

"Last August [Jorge] Matadamas was charged with drunk driving and evading arrest," Sandoval reported.

"While in jail, he lost his DACA status. [A] program which gave him a chance to live and work in the U.S. After seven months in detention, he was deported." Newsbusters provides a summary and clip above  from Monday's edition of The Lead

CNN’s report came after Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to pull federal law enforcement funds to cities that hindered Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. “Now, this is one reason for heightened fears among some undocumented immigrants that they could be next joining thousands of people deported to Mexico this year,” announced fill-in host John Berman, at the top of the segment.

“CNN’s Polo Sandoval followed one of those deportees. A young man who was suddenly adjusting to a new life in a country he hardly knows,” Berman continued. He was talking about the DREAMer that was charged with drunk driving as though he was an innocent person snatched off the street.

Sandoval seemed as though he was trying to make Matadamas the poster child for young illegal immigrants who had been deported:

Unlike many Americanized Mexicans in this country Matadamas has family to turn to. Danielle Velsaco is among them. He's helping his cousin learn proper Spanish. And more about Mexican culture. Matadamas says he finds the experience overwhelming and he's not alone.

According to Sandoval, the Mexican government had a program designed to aid deported illegals assimilate to the new environment. “The government program helps repatriated Mexicans deported by the U.S. Nearly 32,000 this year,” he lamented, “…thousands of them struggle to assimilate in their native country.”

Matadamas was trying to make the best out of the situation. “Back home I was doing business management and so that's kind of what I want to focus on here and maybe I can start my own business,” he told Sandoval. But he worried that:

Right now it's just the uncertainty about what the future holds, that that kind of keeps me up at night just thinking about what's going to happen. Am I going to find a job? Is it going to be tomorrow is it going to be in a couple of months?

Surely, there were more sympathetic cases the left-wing news outlet could have championed other than drunk-driver? Or maybe not.