CNN Hosts Shocked, SHOCKED, That Anyone Might Believe Obama Wants to Take Guns

On CNN this morning, New Hampshire gun shop owner Mark Limoges was discussing the President's gun control agenda, and said that he believes it a first step toward disarming Americans. The reaction of the anti-gun, pro-Obama "news" hosts John Berman and Kate Bolduan was something to behold.

Here's a partial transcript (h/t RedState):

Balduan: Do you think the President wants to.. is trying to take away your guns?

Limoges: I think it’s probably a first step towards it, yes.

Berman: Really?

Balduan: Even though the President said…

Berman:  I mean, really??

Balduan: Yesterday in his speech, he said that his actions are not a plot to take away everybody’s guns?

Limoges: Right, but Mr. Obama has also said many things that, you know, have not always been the truth.

How dare he not believe Obama. The absolutely floored Berman can barely contain his contempt for the non-believer. Here's a screenshot of his exact reaction:

Okay, that's not really a screenshot, but that's a pretty fair rendition of Berman's reaction. Why anyone would think that the leftist gun control agenda has total disarmament as an end goal is a real mystery though. Yep. A Total Mystery.