CNN Host’s Reaction to Georgetown’s Admissions Offer to Slave Descendants: ‘Is That Enough?’

It’s never enough for liberals.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin had an interesting reaction to Georgetown University offering priority admissions as a kind of reparations to descendants of the slaves once owned by the school.

On Thursday’s Newsroom, Baldwin asked her guest Maxine Crump, one of the descendants and a news anchor in Baton Rouge, “Is that enough?”

“So, with this door opening, and I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like for you, as far as the university itself — we just ran through everything they’re doing now. Is that enough?” Baldwin asked. 

“Well, I don’t know that enough would be an answer,” Crump responded. “I don't know that we can say, ‘Oh, this is enough.’ It’s just this is a great beginning.”

Newsbusters noticed that Baldwin didn’t ask Crump “whether the development does harm by encouraging black Americans in general to feel that they are owed payback that would have to be acquired from their fellow Americans, many of whom do not even have ancestors who ever owned slaves.”

As far as considering this reparations, Crump said she’s all for it, but with one caveat: that it doesn’t mean this “would pay us off and be done with us.” She added:

“There’s not a payoff. There’s a continuum to do everything that needs to be done continuing until there are no more barriers to those who are descendants of slaves…

“If you’re an American, you get all the full rights and privileges of an American. If that's reparation, that's reparation I'd like.”

Watch below via Newsbusters: