CNN Gets Heat for Zimmerman Interview, Moves It to Monday


News of CNN’s interview between Chris Cuomo and George Zimmerman originally slated to air Tuesday night has been met with passionate pushback online, with many in the twittersphere denouncing CNN’s choice to give Zimmerman airtime and demanding they #CanceltheInterview, calling it “disgusting,” “disgraceful,” “ratings bait,” and “terrorizing” to the Martin family.  In what appeared to be reaction to the growing protests, CNN sped up the release of the interview, now airing Monday.

Zimmerman has repeatedly made headlines since the controversial, televised trial in which he was acquitted of charges of murdering Trayvon Martin. First his wife left him, then his girlfriend called police, claiming he threatened her with a shotgun. When he was temporarily arrested, the police found several handguns and an assault-style rifle. He was recently scheduled to have a celebrity MMA fight with rapper “The Game,” but the event was canceled after public backlash. Sunday, Zimmerman told Univision that he is in-debt, homeless, and suffering from PTSD.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has attempted to defend his sit-down with Zimmerman, arguing that  Zimmerman “is polarizing” and that he “says meaningful things about the victim and the case.” But that didn’t stop the flood of protests. Here's a brief sampling: 








One protestor came to the conclusion that “CNN Hates Black People” because they have decided to air the interview and “fire black anchors.” 



One thing's for certain: If they goal was to generate buzz, mission accomplished.