CNN: Dems 'Pressing the Panic Button' & Distancing From Obama

"I think they are pressing the panic button over and over again."

With the upcoming mid-term elections, Democrats are "pressing the panic button" and trying to distance themselves from President Obama, according to a discussion on CNN's Inside Politics.

Host John King began the segment with a quote from The New York Times of a Democratic lawmaker who said that President Obama is "poisonous" to Democrat candidates. King wondered aloud if this is the start of a GOP "snowball" to take this election cycle.

Joining King in the discussion were Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington Post and Manu Raju from Politico. Henderson conjectured that the Democrats are frantically pressing the panic button:

I think they are pressing the panic button over and over again because it looks like the GOP has been more disciplined this cycle -- they've expanded the map. And Democrats just haven't been able to do it in seats that look likely that they would be able to pick up.

Raju agreed and argued further that Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama similar to the way Republicans did in 2006 with George Bush:

It feels kind of like 2006 in some ways when the Republicans were running away from George Bush at all costs.

Henderson made an even more precise distinction within the Democratic Party -- those who vote for Democrats and those who vote strictly for Obama and his party of one:

I think this does go back to this idea of the president as a party of one…and I think there also is an issue -- there are Obamacrats and then there are Democrats. And the Obamacrats show up and vote for Obama and they usually stay home when it comes to mid-terms.