CNN Can’t Believe Trump Voters Still Happy with Their Choice

Welcome to reality. Why don't you stay awhile?

It’s always amusing to watch CNN reporters squirm when they don’t get the answers they were expecting from Trump voters. Yet, time and time again, the network seeks out to find disgruntled deplorables only to discover they’re quite content with the job the president is doing.

This time, CNN headed to Youngstown, Ohio, to speak with five Trump voters to get their feelings on his first full year in office. Their answers stunned the reporter. Even his voice over sounded disgusted that over 7,000 registered Democrats in the Ohio county switched parties and voted… Republican (0:41).

One of those lifelong Democrats was Derrick Anderson, a black pastor, who said he was drawn to Trump because, “He said he was going to make America first and he was going to bring jobs back.”

Black student Justis Harrison told CNN, “Something that he said that really sticks with me is that he wants to give the power back to the American people and that’s something I can certainly get behind.”

“One year in, how’s he doing?” the reporter asked.

He was given a thumbs up and responses of “fantastic,” and “better than I ever would’ve dreamt,” said Anna Para, a retired mother of four. 

“Yes, I agree, he’s doing wonderful. He’s staying on task,” the pastor added.

To CNN's dismay, all agreed that Trump’s views on illegal immigration was a “huge” draw for them.

“They’re stealing jobs of rightful citizens,” iron worker Rick Green said.

“I feel like when people come here illegally, that’s just very disrespectful, you don’t respect our laws and you shouldn’t be able to come here freewheeling like that,” Harrison added.

Do they still like the idea of a border wall? You betcha!

Are they bothered by Trump’s activity on Twitter? Not in the slightest.

Machine shop worker Geno DiFabio said, “I’m starting to get an inkling why he uses Twitter in the way he does, because if all he had to rely on is what people say about him, oh my god, I might not like the guy. But I love the guy! I love the job he’s doing.”

Harrison describes meeting Trump once at a rally and defended him against accusations that he is a racist:

“He was just the nicest person and if he was a racist as everyone paints him out to be, he could have just walked right past me and not even said a word.”

Even when the reporter dramatically asked, “What about the lies,” no one took the bait.

And of course, the voters love the boom in the economy.

Pastor Anderson said the tax cut is going to help fuel an economic comeback in the black community. 

Lastly, CNN wanted to know if the media gives Trump a fair shake. It was a resounding “no” across the board.

Para was given the last word in the segment. She told CNN that the biggest reason she supports the president is because she feels he’s like one of them:

“He’s like tenacious sometimes and says stuff off the cuff like we do — like real Americans do. You know, we’re not perfect. I’m tired of suave. I’m tired of polished. I’m tired of the teleprompter, you know, I am. I want my country back.”

Good luck in 2018, Dems. You’re gonna need it.

Watch below: