CNN Anchor Visibly Deflated When Network's Own Fact-Checker Confirms Hillary Phones Destroyed With Hammers


In recent days we learned that despite Hillary Clinton's claim that she carried only one mobile device for convenience, she in fact had at least 13 BlackBerries and 5 iPads. We also learned that one of her laptops was supposedly "lost in the mail" and that, likely in order to bury evidence, Team Hillary actually destroyed many of the Democratic nominee's mobile devices with hammers. 

During Friday's CNN Newsroom, Donald Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn enumerated several of Clinton's transgressions as well as provided a tally of the mobile devices she used. 

"17,500 emails that she lied about turning over," Epshteyn began before adding "she thought that C, which stands for classified, stood for cookie, or something."
"She said the reason she used the private server was for convenience, that she only had one device... she used 13 Blackberries … this is somebody who is absolutely disqualified from becoming president. They destroyed Blackberries with hammers."

So astonished by the revelations was CNN's Brooke Baldwin that she interrupted the interview to call on CNN's fact-checker Evan Perez to refute the claims.  ​

Just one problem. Perez did not refute the claims but corroborated them. 

"Yes, they did [destroy the phones with hammers]” Perez replied. "They did. As you mentioned, there were 13 devices, mobile devices and 5 iPads that the FBI said in some way were used with her private email server and they did in some cases just destroy them with hammers when they were done using them."

Watch the video posted above. The CNN anchor's disappointment is palpable. 

In some ways, however, this news segment is heartening. Despite the media's refusal to fairly vet the Democratic nominee, the egregious nature of Clinton's transgressions seems to ensure that she will be exposed regardless.