CNN Anchor Thinks Michelle Obama Signs Bills Into Law

Let's just say Ms. Costello is a little confused these days.

CNN anchor Carol Costello thinks the First Lady of the United States is somehow constitutionally empowered to sign bills into law. 

Newsbusters noted that the confused anchor at the "most trusted name in news" was reporting on the ongoing fight over the school lunch mandates put in place by Congress in 2010. After showing a clip of Michelle Obama, who championed the effort, Costello informed her audience that Mrs. Obama used non-existent executive authority to sign the act into law: 

That was Mrs. Obama back in 2010 when she signed the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act into law. Well now some members of Congress and the food industry want to roll back that initiative and loosen requirements to cut costs. Today the First Lady takes the unusual step of delivering White House remarks speaking out against that House measure and in another twist, a one-time ally of Mrs. Obama's initiative is now a critic.

Of course, this is the same CNN anchor who proclaimed some sort of biblical basis for global warming last week when she proclaimed "climate change deniers aren't listening to science or they’re not reading the Bible" so let's just say Ms. Costello is a little confused these days.