CNBC is Hopeful Business Community will (Finally) Deal Tea Party its Death Blow

“Business people are increasingly fed up with the activist wing of the Republican Party.”

The media’s conservative civil-war-baiting continues, and while it has recently had to face the fact that the Tea Party is not dead, as they’ve pronounced over and over, they can’t help themselves from prophesying its ever-impending demise.

In the latest in a long line of “Conservative Crisis!” pieces Wednesday, CNBC threw up the headline, “Business to tea party: Get out of our way.” The only thing missing from this predictable title are the triple exclamation marks.

In the piece, CNBC’s Lawrence Delevingne argues, unsurprisingly, that the Tea Party has (gasp) another enemy. Big business. And that’s what’s going to finally tank the Tea Party in 2016... Haven’t we heard this one before?

The recent elections underlined a growing tension in political money circles: Business people are increasingly fed up with the activist wing of the Republican Party. It's a trend that will have broad implications for next year's midterm elections and the presidential race in 2016, political experts say.

Delevingne goes on to tout the business community’s recent supposed victories over Tea Party favorites: Alabama’s Bradley Byrne winning over Tea Partier Dean Young; Terry McAuliffe taking out Ken Cuccinelli (by a razor thin margin when he was expected to win big); and Chris Christie crushing Seth Grossman. That’s the best he can do for evidence of a supposed business community Tea Party backlash? Well, CNBC argues, the real reckoning is coming:

And there's more to come. Business interests appear to be rallying behind moderate Republicans Brian Ellis, David Trott and Mike Simpson against tea party-approved challengers Justin Amash, Kerry Bentivolio and Bryan Smith for House seats in 2014 (Ellis and Trott are running in Michigan and Simpson is in Idaho).

Prophecy all you want, but the true reckoning is on its way as Obamacare’s chickens come home to roost.