Clinton Staffer Courts Latinos Who Can't Vote

She has a goal: to help people like her vote in large numbers for Clinton.

Lorella Praeli came to the United States as an illegal immigrant from Peru and has never voted in an election. That didn't stop The Los Angeles Times from writing a glowing profile of her on Friday:

As Latino outreach director, Praeli spends her days at Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn poring over polling data, winning endorsements from Latino leaders and fine-tuning the campaign’s messages to reach the nation’s fastest-growing bloc of voters.

A Peruvian immigrant who lived in the U.S. without legal status until three years ago, when she obtained a green card through marriage, Praeli hopes to obtain citizenship in time to vote in the election that she is helping shape.

The 27-year-old has a goal: to help people like her vote in large numbers for Clinton. The Times says she took the job after Clinton promised to do more to shield illegals from deportation.

But doing that is a monumental task. Twice as many Latinos will be eligible to vote next year as in 2000, but Latinos tend to turn out at lower rates than other groups, in part because many young Latinos aren’t engaged in politics.

“We have to give people a reason to vote,” Praeli says.

For Praeli, who came to the U.S. as a child to seek medical treatment, and whose mother still lives without legal status, the race is personal.  

Illegal immigration promises to be a big issue for both parties in 2016. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is embracing illegal immigration while Republican hopefuls from Donald Trump to Ben Carson and Ted Cruz take a dim view of it.