Clinton to Sanders: Give Up

Campaign says senator has no chance to win.

Hillary Clinton has stopped the momentum of the "Bern" when it comes to the presidential primary. Sanders won the Michigan primary last week but this week watched as Clinton swept Ohio, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina and Illinois.

Now the Washington Times reports that the Clinton camp is saying it is time for Sanders to quit:

Moving forward, the Clinton campaign argues the race is all but over. In the memo to reporters, Clinton campaign director Robby Mook stressed that there’s virtually no realistic path for Mr. Sanders to capture the nomination.

“The broad coalition of Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton has given her a nearly insurmountable lead in pledged delegates, and we are confident that for the first time in our nation’s history, the Democratic Party will nominate a woman as their presidential nominee,” Mr. Mook said.

By virtue of her strong margins of victory in both Southern states and in Ohio, Mrs. Clinton’s lead among pledged delegates has grown to more than 300. The Democratic Party awards delegates proportionally based on a candidate’s share of the vote in each state.

Sanders has shown no sign of quitting despite trailing in the delegate count 1,606 to 851.