Clinton, Sanders Fly More Expensive Planes Than Cruz, Rubio

"Trump Force One" is a 757 larger than Air Force One.

It should come as no surprise to conservatives that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who portray themselves as the people's candidates, regularly fly on planes more expensive than those of their Republican competition – except, of course, for billionaire Donald Trump. According to private jet company Jetsmarter, who reviewed the private plane choices of the leading candidates, some are flying the jet-set life higher than others.

In September it was reported that Donald Trump has spent more than any other candidate on private travel – and as a billionaire who has his own fleet, which includes two jets and three helicopters, he’s also the only candidate to own his own plane. At that time it was also reported that – for security reasons - his plane was removed from the screen which tracks the movements of private planes. His "Trump Force One" is a 757 which he bought from fellow billionaire Paul Allen – and is larger than Air Force One.

Recently-released campaign finance reports show that between June 2015, when Jeb Bush formally announced his candidacy, and September, the Bush campaign spent $1.2-million on private planes versus the roughly $700,000 spent during the same period by Democratic front-runner Hillary.

Check out the chart below, courtesy of Jetstarter:

Political Party Jet Choices:

·         Donald Trump: Boeing 757 | $100 million

·         Hillary Clinton: Dassault Falcon 900B | $5,850 per hour

·         Ben Carson: Challenger 604/605 | $60,000+ on his tab

·         Bernie Sanders: Gulfstream 200 | $5,000 per hour

·         Marco Rubio: Cessna Citation Excel | $3,000 per hour

·         Ted Cruz: Cessna Citation Excel | $3,000 per hour