Clinton Emails Discuss Weapons in Benghazi

Blumenthal release raises more questions

Emails released to the House Select Committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks show a different story than what has been told so far. The release of new information comes from a confidant of Hillary Clinton. The New York Times has details.

The emails, provided by Sidney Blumenthal, a close adviser to Mrs. Clinton, include information about weapons that were circulating in Libya and about the security situation in Benghazi in the year and a half before the attacks. The committee has asked the State Department and Mrs. Clinton several times in the past year for emails from her and other department officials about “weapons located or found in” Libya and about the decision to open and maintain a diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

The emails from Mr. Blumenthal have widened a rift between the State Department and the committee. State Department officials said that they had complied only with requests and subpoenas related directly to the attacks because the committee’s demands were too broad. The department has “provided the committee with a subset of documents that matched its request and will continue to work with them going forward,” said a spokesman, Alec Gerlach.

The Blumenthal emails tell a different story that Clinton herself has told and different than her email records show. It is not clear at this point whether the committee has not seen these emails between Clinton and Blumenthal because State has them and did not release them or because they were never provided the emails by Secretary Clinton as she left office.

Clinton set up an elaborate email system, complete with a private server in her home when she became Secretary of State. Rather than use a government email address she routed all correspondence through her server, ensuring that she was in control of what could be released via freedom of information requests from the public or media.

Blumenthal is before the committee on Tuesday.