Clinton Campaign Running Out of Money?

Leaves Iowa for Philly to raise cash

It was a simple and fair question but it left a Clinton campaign spokesman scrambling for an answer.

On left-wing cable news outlet MSNBC, host Andrea Mitchell wanted to know why Hillary Clinton was taking a break from campaigning in Iowa to raise money in Philadelphia.

"Why is she going east to raise money at this critical time?" Mitchell asked Clinton spox Brian Fallon. Mitchell went on to ask if the campaign needed extra money because the race looks to be lasting longer than Clinton expected.

"Oh, we’ve always planned for a long race, Andrea, and I don’t think we’re going to have any problem raising the resources we need to contest this nomination as far as it goes," Fallon said. "but there’s also going to be other meetings that will probably be read out later in the day that she’s doing today. But, so, it’s not all fundraising, Andrea. But yeah, the realities of fundraising are what they are, but we’re ready for a long nomination fight, if necessary, but she’s still in Iowa every day this week."

Clinton is currently running second to Sanders in the latest polls out of Iowa. According to Quinnipiac, Sanders has 49% support to 45% for Clinton among Iowans.