Clinton Camp Uses Goldman Sachs to Attack Trump

Diversion tactics used as MSM circles.

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook raised the specter of Donald Trump doing business with Goldman Sachs to push back against claims that Hillary Clinton was involved in a pay-for-play scheme while acting as Secretary of State.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that more than half of Clinton's meetings while serving as Secretary of State were with Clinton Foundation donors.

While appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe to discuss the report, Mook pointed to Goldman Sachs, Bank of China and others as proof that Donald Trump is worse!

"He is indebted or reliant for income on a number of these entities," Mook said, suggesting that the media spend more time looking at Trump and his business interests.

As for why Hillary won't do a press conference on the issue, Mook pointed to the many short, rules-based interviews that Clinton has done. The MSNBC panel was having none of it so Mook turned back towards pushing the media to look into Trump.

Mook dismissed the Associated Press report as cherry-picking Secretary Clinton's meetings because it excluded government officials or foreign governments and just looked at non-governmental meetings.